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Best Landscaping Service

logoGreenscape, Inc. (the company where I’m proud to work) is a winner of the Maggy Awards Best of Wake County 2009 from Cary Magazine.  Readers vote for their favorites each year. 

We won the category of Best Landscaping Service.

You can check out the list of winners at http://www.carymagazine.com/cary/maggy/results.html.  Greenscape is noted on page 4.

Don’t forget to check out Greenscape’s web page at www.greenscapeinc.com to find out more about our great service.  Our mission is Outstanding Results Through Great Service so we are excited to win that Service category.


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Gorgeous Berries

I spotted this great looking winter color today:

What a wonderful antidote to dreary January weather.

What a wonderful antidote to dreary January weather.

Winterberry or Ilex verticillata provides wonderful berries in the winter.  The plant doesn’t do much until winter, then pow!  The berried plants are female and need a male pollinator.  You can use males called ‘Apollo’ or ‘Southern Gentleman’.  Sometimes other nearby hollies will do as long as they bloom at the same time.

Be patient.  I’d say it takes at least 3 years to get a decent show.  These are probably at least 5 years old.

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Oxford Project

Last winter I had the opportunity to work with an amazing couple on their dream house in Oxford.  I was called in when the house, detached garage and pool were nearly finished.  Usually, I’d prefer to come in a bit earlier, especially when there is a pool, but I can start at any stage.
deck design

This deck design works for the client.

To better illustrate why it’s good to have the landscape designer in early, consider the deck.  When I first came on site, the deck was nearly ready to be constructed–materials were on site.  I soon realized that the deck design would not fit the site, the home and the owner’s needs very well and asked if I could redesign it. 

I was able to redesign it and I was able to use the materials already on site for the changes.  Now the flow from the house to the pool and to the rest of the yard really works.  
Another challenge was to design the motor court/parking area.  There was a three foot elevation difference between the
The motor court was a challenge.

The motor court was a challenge.

garages and they weren’t that far apart!  I needed to allow for cars to enter the garages, guests to park and water to stay away from everything.   During the design process, the owners realized they wanted a wall at the side of the motor court–the place water was supposed to go!  So by adding a drainage system we were able to install a fantastic wall that really makes the courtyard area.

 A wonderful mason had done the stone work on the house and we were planning to do a lot more stone work on site.   Our stone walls needed to match the home so we’d get a consistent look.  We used the same stone in our many dry stacked stone walls that the mason used for the stone on the house.  We added some steps and columns at the front entry that needed to match the existing work on the house.  I think Greenscape’s skilled crews did a great job!
We wanted our work to match the existing steps and veneer on the house.

We wanted our work to match the existing steps and veneer on the house.

This project was a joy, the clients were wonderful and I had a great time working on it.
Our crews enjoyed the installation too, but after 6 months on the job we were all happy when it was over.  Our clients were happy to finally have their wonderful new home to themselves.  But they still see Greenscape crews once a week when we come out to maintain the property.

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